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do his hands in your hair feel a lot like a thing you believe in? [10 Dec 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | pointless and mute ]

livejournal is dead. bye.

here's something i promised to do a long time ago.Collapse )

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[15 Nov 2005|01:07pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

Last night, my mom and I were talking about witchcraft. And at the end of the talk, she looked at me and said, in a serious tone, "That is why you must never give anyone your picture. Because you never know if they will put a curse on you."

Mom, thank god you don't know about the existence of a little site called Myspace.

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[12 Oct 2005|06:55pm]
It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
It's trickyyy...tricky tricky tricky tricky

Crazy catchy.

Today I decided to wear my old shabby Pumas to school, which turned out to be a bad decision because it rained like crazy and the holes in my sneakers soaked my feet and now I think they have a cold. No matter how much I warm them or sit on them or rub them they're still frigid. Also, my butt was wet. In bowling class I had to walk up to the lane with a wet butt. That was pretty embarrassing. Especially since a cute boy was over in the next lane, he makes me all nervous and makes my heart do the harlem shake.
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I just finished watching.... [08 Oct 2005|01:46am]
[ mood | elated ]

American Beauty is my new favorite movie. I am in awe.

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[04 Oct 2005|06:06pm]
[ mood | SO CRAZY ]

A quiz meme thing with all of you in it.

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See reliquette's results.Collapse )

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nicotine valium vicodin marijuana ecstacy and alcohol [27 Sep 2005|09:39pm]
Today I went on a date with Ten-Li. It was nice. But apparently she didn't think so! *angry fist shake*

squeegeemajiggy: you know sorry dayana but
squeegeemajiggy: i dotn think that
squeegeemajiggy: this conversation is going anywhere
squeegeemajiggy: at all
squeegeemajiggy: i dotn know what hell happened
squeegeemajiggy: myabe the .....repercussions? is that the word? of an extreeeeeeeemely awkard first date
squeegeemajiggy: and the fact that you kept telling me to back off?
squeegeemajiggy: doesnt sit well
squeegeemajiggy: at all
a zure a methyst: *cries*
squeegeemajiggy: i'm sorry but
squeegeemajiggy signed off at 9:45:39 PM.
squeegeemajiggy: you just dont fit in
a zure a methyst: im going to go write about my heartbreak in my LJ!
squeegeemajiggy: good! have you been watching best week?
a zure a methyst: no I haven't, what was on it?

We get over these things quickly.
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firth's girth [22 Sep 2005|10:24pm]
[ mood | high ]

Colin Firth makes every other actor pale in comparison because he is so...

mmmmmm.Collapse )

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[18 Sep 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | itchy ]

Why everything that's supposed to bad make me feel so good?
Everything they told me not to is exactly what I would.
Man I tried to stop man I tried the best I could but...

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JENuine. [12 Sep 2005|06:15pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Very good video. I can't stop thinking about it.

So what's been going on...lemme see...school year started off on a good start, I hope it stays this way for the remainder of the year. That's a queer looking word, remainder. Yesterday I saw Seven and it was awesome.

macarena is punk: well if i were you id rather listen to tool
macarena is punk: specifically, stinkfist
macarena is punk: i dont even want to know what that song is about...
a zure a methyst: hahaha
a zure a methyst: fisting
macarena is punk: ahahahahahaha
macarena is punk: really?!?!?!

a zure a methyst: he has a nice butt
a zure a methyst: i know you hate him but
a zure a methyst: you cant deny the boy's got the goods
macarena is punk: he just has a fattie, theres nothing nice about it
macarena is punk: and hes not proud of it so its only potentially awesome, it cant really be awesome
macarena is punk: butts need love to reach their full potential

Recently I have not been a good Interpol fan and I haven't been listening to them at all. But this girl in the Interpol LJ community posted these pictures from a recent concert and looking at a picture of Paul smiling made me remember why I love him so much. And now that I'm listening to OB1 I feel like aloof but the happiest I've been in a long time.

Ask me for "top five" lists of pretty much anything, and I will list for you my top five of that thing or things. Copy and give your own top fives.

Do your worst.

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fun [27 Aug 2005|01:02am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

1. i will write something i like about you
2. i will then tell what song/movie/things that reminds me of you
3. i will tell you what item of clothing i'd love to steal from your closet
4. i will name a single word that best describes you
5. i will tell you the most memorable moment i've had with you
6. i will tell you what color you remind me of
7. i will tell you what animal i believe you evolved from

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[19 Aug 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | hot ]

I love these things.Collapse )

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[24 Jul 2005|05:40pm]
I feel so proud to be an H/G shipper.
Ecuador was really great. I will post pictures later.
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[16 Jul 2005|04:52pm]
[ mood | aggravated and happy ]

This is ridiculous. I cannot even visit my friends page without being spoiled like a mother fucker. DIE YOU HARRY POTTER COMMUNITY SPOILING BALL LICKERS. Gahhhhh!

If what I read (by mistake) is true, I really think I might just shoot myself.

So Ecuador is lovely as ever, it´s everything and nothing I expect it to be. I love this place and I´m gonna miss it terribly. Yesterday my aunts and I drank in ode to the birthday of my grandma and I, it was ruddy brilliant.

I really really hope what I read was wrong, jesus christtt. I hope you are all hunky dory reading the book before me, I hope it exceeds my expectations. Have a great week yáll.

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Off to Ecuador... [25 Jun 2005|12:11am]
[ mood | tired ]

See you all in July/August!


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[22 Jun 2005|08:09pm]
[ mood | loved ]


Well not really, we didn't camp at all. Just ate and got fat. We played a lot of pictionary...!

I failed my Physics regents!

Tomorrow is my Math and THAT'S IT! Yesss summaaaaa you make me feel sooo lksadfla.

**Edit: Whoaa I realized my font was the size of my thighs...huge, yeah, I know, that big.

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gdamn you ny [16 Jun 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Regents are anally raping me.

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[12 Jun 2005|04:04pm]
[ mood | procrastination damn you ]

So ask me something, anything, you've always wanted to ask me. Don't ask me if turkeys can drown while looking up at a raining sky...because I don't know. And before you ask me, yes, in fact, I am tired from running through your mind all day.

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4 more days of school left [10 Jun 2005|12:16am]
"If I ever meet him, I'm going to ask him to sign my retainer."
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my mom has this song in *spanish* [02 Jun 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree,
It's been three long years,
Do you still want me? (still want me ?)
If I don't see a ribbon 'round the ole oak tree,
I'll stay on the bus, forget about us,
Put the blame on me . . .

If I don't see a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree . . .

And now the whole damn bus is cheerin'
And I can't believe I see . . .

A hundred yellow ribbons 'round the ole
the ole oak tree.

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[29 May 2005|11:06pm]
[ mood | studious ]

This is the most hilarious community that I have ever seen:


and the best. Go join.

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